"Best Price Guarantee"

We provide the best prices online full stop - if you are shopping around and agree to buy online with our company we guarantee to beat any written quote on any of our GIA certified diamonds, custom-made engagement rings, and jewellery. Call 1800 423 786

Diamond Search Engine

It's simple, once you have learnt about selecting the right diamond, and are happy to proceed, use the diamond search engine below. Add your specifications and click on the search button at the bottom right, a list of the diamonds which met your criteria will be listed at the bottom of the diamond search tool.

Anylaise the diamonds and look at the GIA certificates, you can compare and make an enquiry about each stone or stones, you make the enquiry from within the search application itself, the data is sent to our team for action.

When our team receive your request we will send you images and video's of the actual diamond or diamonds for your perusal, we will contact you by email. Our team can assist you in relation to making your purchase, if you would like immediate assistance please call -  1800 423 786


"We keep moving forward, opening and creating new spaces, doing things differently, because we're insatiably curious, this keeps leading us to better business practices."

One of our founders (SvI 1999)